Fall Anime That Surprised Me

While I was going back through the Fall Anime 2018 Live Chart, I came across two animes that I did not initially want to watch, but over the coarse of the season, I heard really great things about both of them. So in the beginning of January I finally got around to watching both of … Continue reading Fall Anime That Surprised Me


Fall Anime Review

A bit late but like I said, here are my reviews for each of the anime I said I would review for the Fall Season. Goblin Slayer: This series had more comedy than I thought it would based on the first episode. While it could be a bit slow paced at some times, the action … Continue reading Fall Anime Review

Blog Update: Different Anime Discussions and Oni-Con Trip

Hey everyone, I'm just making a post of a few updates that are going on with the blog. Firstly, while I won't nessesarly be dropping some of the anime I listed in my other update post, I will only be discussion and theorizing about Goblin Slayer, Karakuri Circus, and RWBY Volume 6, which is out … Continue reading Blog Update: Different Anime Discussions and Oni-Con Trip