An Introduction To My Blog

Welcome to my blog! Here I will be discussing different topics regarding anime and anime inspired works. This blog will is just going to be a fun space where I give my personal opinion over different aspects, like animation, story, music, and characters. For example, while it is a short anime film, Shelter not only has amazing music and animation done by A-1 Pictures, but also has an emotional story about a girl alone in a futuristic world. This video shows how anime has influenced the western world, as the idea for this short film came from Porter Robinson and Madeon, not some big anime studio in Japan.

On this blog I will analyze how animation can make or break an anime, how music can add so much more to a scene, and how characters that follow certain anime tropes can still be entertaining all the same. I will try to update this blog at least twice a week, until then stay tuned!

One thought on “An Introduction To My Blog

  1. This animated music video had a lot of controversies around. Does it count as an anime, well yeah. It’s like saying short anime aren’t anime because they don’t follow the conventional 24 mins like most animes do.


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