Death Parade: Personal Favorite Anime


Recently I’ve been rewatching one of my favorite animes that came out in 2015, Death Parade. It is extremely interesting and has an entertaining concept dealing with the idea of what happens after we die. Death Parade is an episodic anime that deals with two souls in each episode coming to the bar of Quindecim, unaware that they are dead. Then they are forced to play a game in which their lives are at stake, this is so the bartender, Decim, can judge their souls when faced with extreme conditions. It is a roller coaster of emotions from start to end as each pair enters and leaves after the game, with some episode calling into question the debated topic of Nature vs. Nurture when in comes to human’s personalities and actions, and even the judgments passed down as it is made apparent that Decim and arbiters, or judges, like him can make mistakes in judgement. Overall, this is an entertaining anime that plays with the concept of death and the afterlife in a unique way, and it also has amazing animation, done by Madhouse, and intersting and charming characters. Also it has an opening that is deceptively upbeat and happy:

If you are interested in psychological anime, or looking for an anime with an interesting topic then this anime is for you.

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