Cells at Work Black: Possible Anime Adaptation



Since Cells at Work is about to end, while I hope it will get another season as there is still more to tell with those characters, I am interested in seeing the spin-off manga of the series getting an anime adaptation as well. Cells at Work Black takes place in an unhealthy body where all the cells are working overtime to try and keep the body alive and functioning. The manga talks about things like alcoholism, smoking, stress and other more adult topics that have not been touched in the main manga and anime. Due to this, it is far darker than the upbeat series that we have grown to love, but I do think having an anime adaptation of this would be great, especially with the popularity of Cells at Work. Also from an educational standpoint, it is also just as important as the main series, as it does deal with series issues and topics that need to be addressed.

Like I said, while I don’t want the main series to end just yet, to have a Cells at Work Black anime adaptation would be extremely important and interesting to see the parallels between the bodies each of the cells work in.

2 thoughts on “Cells at Work Black: Possible Anime Adaptation

  1. I like the design of the white blood cell in this spin-off. Cells at Work was so upbeat that I am surprised to hear of this darker side story. If it got animated I would check it out.


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