First Episode Impressions: Goblin Slayer and Akanesasu Shoujo

Hey guys sorry for no update on Monday, I got really sick over the weekend and was not in the right place to write a post. But now I’m back and ready to give my thoughts on two of the anime that I managed to watch. Hopefully I will be able to get another post up around Friday or Saturday to discuss a few others.


Goblin Slayer:

Like many others I walked into this show think it was going to be another fun fantasy story, but I was severely wrong. Goblin Slayer is a dark and brutal fantasy story that takes a bit of a realistic approach to RPG fantasy. The main antagonist of the series are just goblins, but the writers show just how menacing they can be. In the first episode we are introduced to three adventurers that accompany one of the main characters to deal with the goblins and all but one of them is killed, one being butchered and the other having to be mercy-killed by another main character. To show how truly vile the goblins are the writers depict the third adventurer being raped. Fortunately for the viewers most of the horrible act happens off screen and we see the after aftermath of what happen to the adventurer, but it was still a horrible thing to watch, and as caused some controversy within the anime community. However, this anime is not all dark, the main “hero” called Goblin Slayer does come in and spends the last I wanna saw half of the episode killing off all the goblins that were tormenting the characters, giving the view some catharsis. Just off the bat I am really intrigued by the concept of a realistic fantasy world, were even typical small fry like goblins could pose a real threat. I am also interested in the Goblin Slayer. If you are into darker themes in anime then I suggest this, however if you are uncomfortable with subjects like rape, then you should avoid watch this anime.


Akanesasu Shoujo:

Compared to Goblin Slayer, this is  more of a slow burn anime if the first episode is anything to go off of. However, I am willing to give this anime a chance, I will at least wait about four to five episodes before making my final choice to continue watching to the end. While the story might be slower, I am hoping for action scenes like the one in the first episode because that was well done. So while the story might be at a lull the action can at least entertain bored viewers.

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