First Episode Impression: Karakuri Circus and Beelzebub-jou

Well hopefully this week will be kinder to me than last week.


Karakuri Circus:

The first episode had me really interested in this series. The overall premise of an apparently killer circus and action scenes involving clockwork dolls is creative, and the characters are already showing their strengths and flaws which is always a plus. The animation might take me a while to get used to though, as I am not the biggest fan of exaggerated reactions in anime, but because of the premise and characters I don’t just want to drop the series because of that, so I’m willing to try and become more used to this style of animation. Overall, this is one of my mystery animes that I am hyped to watch more of.


Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu Mama:

I already know that this anime won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it because of the sweet slice of life feel to it. Since a lot of the anime I’ve selected for this season will have a lot of action or drama in it, I just needed a series where I could just unwind and enjoy.  The premise of the anime is basically following the life of a rather peaceful hell two words I never thought I would put next to each other, and the antics of the fallen angels that reside there. The animation has that soft feel to it which I like with fluffy slice of life animes, and the from the first episode the characters are likable and funny, at least to me. My only “issue” with it was, I was not expecting it to be so fanservicy at times, but that won’t turn me away from it. Like I said I know not everyone will like it, I jsut needed something sweet and simple to go along with all the action this season. Also fun fact, it looks like the narrator of Cells at Work is also the narrator for this show as well.

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