Goblin Slayer Controversy: My Thoughts


So I haven’t had a lot of time to watch new episodes of Goblin Slayer or the other anime I have my  eye on this season. But I figure I might talk about my own thoughts about the controversy around Goblin Slayer. There have been people that believe that Goblin Slayer fetishizes rape due to several scenes that involve rape in the manga and more than likely the anime. These scenes mostly involve young women being raped by goblins, or implied that they have been, thus making some believe that these scenes are shot to be fanservicey. Others believe that these scenes are for shock value, making Goblin Slayer “edgy”. Now before I give my thoughts, I guess I should state that I am a lady, and like I said before, I have only seen episode 1 and some manga panels.

I don’t believe that these scenes are fanservicey at all, nor do I believe that they are added for shock value. Goblin Slayer is set in  a dark fantasy type world, where even low level monsters such as goblins can still be terrifying  in their own right. From what I have heard, sense most of the series is going to be about the group of main characters killing a bunch of goblins, the writers needed to show that these creatures are deplorable and immoral. Thus, in the first episode show two of the would-be adventures getting killed, one being butchered, and the final one raped. the scene, in my own opinion, is not shot provocatively and was extremely uncomfortable to watch, not once did I ever believe that this was suppose to be fan service. I believe that this scene like the scenes before it was to show how immoral the goblins are, and how inexperienced the adventurers were compared to Goblin Slayer, who comes in a few scenes later and gives the viewers catharsis by killing all of the goblins, including the children, which is a whole other can of worms I will open in a different post. However, I believe that these scenes are suppose to show the viewers that the goblins only care about two things killing and raping, nothing else matters to them.

Now onto the issue of whether or not this show is “edgy”, yet again I disagree with this. The show does not try to be edgy at all, it merely shows some realism to the fantasy setting like I stated earlier. To me and edgy show has characters go through harsh and cruel trials with no pay off, all for shock value and nothing else. Goblin Slayer doesn’t do this, the Priestess learns from what she unfortunately had to see and becomes better equipped for her next quest with Goblin Slayer. She doesn’t give up after she sees the horrors of what the goblins did to her group, she still sticks to her decision to becoming an adventurer. What she went through had pay off, she did not go through all of the first episode for nothing. Also from what I seen, the show does have moments of levity and comedy, in between all the dark fantasy elements.

Now if you are uncomfortable with rape scenes and the like, and just don’t want to watch this series, I completely understand. However, to say things that it is fetishizing rape or that it is just a dark edgy show is unfair.

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