RWBY: Anime or No?


With RWBY Volume 6 coming out, which I am extremely excited for, I’ve decided to tackle another controversial subject on whether or not RWBY should be considered an anime. But I do plan on doing an update on my thoughts on Goblin Slayer and Karakuri Circus this Thursday.

Now if you had asked a few years ago if RWBY was an anime, I would have said no, but it was inspired by anime. However as time has gone on, more and more has changed with the series that I can honestly say that yes, RWBY is an anime, even though it is not technically produced in Japan. What has changed is that it has gone from being just a simple web series, like Red Vs Blue, to a full blown international show. Some volumes/ seasons are now airing in Japan, and official merchandise is being sold over there as well. Some characters were also featured in BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle, along with the likes of Persona characters, and of course of the BlazeBlue characters. The series has also had movie premires, where they show a full volume or the first episode of the volume in select theaters, I believe that they are mostly around the Austin area but I’m not completely sure. Like I said, this went from being a web series on YouTube, to being viewed on sites like CrunchyRoll within a few years. It amazes me how far this series has come.

While it is true that the series is not an anime in the usual sense, it can hardly be considered a web series show with how much traction it has made in just five years, and it is still going strong. But these are just my thoughts on the subject, I’ve been with RWBY since Volume 1 and my thoughts have definitely changed since I watched it when I was 13, and I would love to hear anyone else’s.

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