Blog Update: Different Anime Discussions and Oni-Con Trip

Hey everyone, I’m just making a post of a few updates that are going on with the blog.

Firstly, while I won’t nessesarly be dropping some of the anime I listed in my other update post, I will only be discussion and theorizing about Goblin Slayer, Karakuri Circus, and RWBY Volume 6, which is out now. This is just to ease up on the anime I have to for sure watch weekly.

Secondly, I will be going on a trip to Oni-Con in Galveston, Texas so there are two possibilities for me. One I may not be able to post anything during the trip, or I may be able to post daily about what I did with my friends at the con. So just be on the lookout on Friday and if you don’t see anything that may mean that I can’t post.

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