Oni-Con Trip Summary

Now that I have access to a computer, I can fianlly talk about my time at Oni Con which was my first anime convention that I ever went to, and in terms of a starting con it was good. I saw so much fantastic art, both official and fan works, cosplay, and interesting panels.

The major high point for the first day, was that I went to a concert for the JRock band Disacode. I didn’t know what to expect, as I never heard of them before, but I was pleasantly surprise by the concert. It was amazing, and as it went on I got more into it, as you can see by the shakiness in the video below

I may add on to this post when I get all the videos off my phone.

I was also able to get a autograph from each of the band members later on in the day,

The second day, I mostly spent walking around the dealers room, and buying Pokemon related things, another thing that I need to take a picture of and upload to WordPress. I also sat in on a Samurai Dan panel, where he went over the historical significance of why Japanese samurai and warriors did not use shields for a while in their military tactics. After that, I stayed at the hotel my group was staying in, as I got extremely tired the second day.

The third day at the con went by fast, as my group was only there for an hour before we had to go back to Baytown. I only bought a few more things that day and nothing else. But we did stop at an awesome ramen bar, Jinya Ramen Bar.

But for a small anime convention, I had fun, I didn’t do much simply because I didn’t want to tire myself out quickly so I was cautious on what I did. But I still enjoyed my time there.

2 thoughts on “Oni-Con Trip Summary

  1. Hey, have you thought about getting a twitter??. It might help your blog and you can meet other cool anibloggers too xDD. You can add me if you do get a twitter @secluded_bloop


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