Yes, I’m back after a long, long surprise hiatus, and I am so sorry. To make a long story short, right around I got back from Oni-Con, I was trying to focus on one of my college classes I procrastinated on. It was also around this time I had a bit of a burn out when it came to anime, so I stopped keeping up with some of the shows I said I would watch.

I had planned on returning to the blog in January, but some more personal stuff came up. I won’t go into super detail, but someone close to me passed away and I was focused on the aftermath of it.

But I’m back now, and hopefully I will be back to posting things once or twice a week.

Again, I’m so sorry for the long absence, but to make it up I will be posting three times this week. Tomorrow, I will be posting all my reviews for Goblin Slayer, RWBY Volume 6 and Karakuri Circus, as well as the animes I will be reviewing for the Winter Season. And then Friday, I will post about some of the anime that weren’t initially on my radar, but after a while watched and incredibly enjoyed.

Till Then!

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