Fall Anime Review

A bit late but like I said, here are my reviews for each of the anime I said I would review for the Fall Season.

Goblin Slayer:Goblinslayerchapter6

This series had more comedy than I thought it would based on the first episode. While it could be a bit slow paced at some times, the action scenes were really well done, even if they party was always fighting the same enemy constantly. The interactions between the characters really make the series, like I said there are some humorous scenes, like the lizardman and his cheese, and the classic elf vs dwarf banter. However, there are some more emotional scenes in between the action and humor, like the conversation between Goblin Slayer and the Sword Maiden, and between him and the Priestess. The only thing I will say that can be a bit distracting is that Goblin Slayer’s armor will go to being 2D animated to CGI, back to 2D in the same scene, and that can be an eyesore for the reasons I explained in my post about CGI in anime. But other than that, if you are looking for a fantasy anime that is more dark/realistic than most fantasy/Isekai animes, than this anime is for you.

RWBY Volume 6:1534528677627_276465_cops_7

There were a lot of critiques people made about the previous volume, not utilizing Mistral, the cut away from some battles, and a bit of slow paced progression of the model. However, I can say that Volume 6 is a massive improvement from Volume 5. This volume gives viewers answers to questions that they have been asking since the beginning or since Volume 3. It tries to balance action scenes with story scenes, and helps develop multiple characters throughout the volume. This volume shows how much the writers took the critiques of Volume 5 into consideration. While, I do believe that the finale was wrapped up a little too quickly, I understand why the writers would want to get to the Atlas arc as soon as possible, as with the amount of problems that Atlas has, and will have since everyone, both heroes and villains, are going there, it seems like we will spend at least two volumes in Atlas alone. If you are an old fan of RWBY, Volume 6 is one of the best volumes so far, and there will be at least one thing that you might enjoy. If you are new to RWBY as a series, I would suggest binging the series on YouTube up to Volume 5 on Rooster Teeth’s channel and then watch this volume on their website.

Karakuri Circus (First-Third)


I did not expect this anime to get so crazy so fast, but here we are. I’ve watched up to episode 12, and wow a lot happens in such a small amount of time.  The action scenes are unique with all the different puppets and techniques. From what I remember watching, the story is rather fast paced, going from Masaru’s kidnapping, to Narumi’s recovery and fighting against Francine. I’m going to wait for the whole anime to be over before doing another review for it. However, as it is now, this anime is a good watch for those that like a unique premise and style, as well as some good action scenes, and incredible and touching character moments and development.

As for the animes I have been watching this Winter Season and will be reviewing are:


The Promised Neverland

Kaguya-sama Love is War

(Also I apologize if some of these are short, I am trying to write all my posts in advance and it as been a few weeks since I have watched any of these.)

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