Fall Anime That Surprised Me

While I was going back through the Fall Anime 2018 Live Chart, I came across two animes that I did not initially want to watch, but over the coarse of the season, I heard really great things about both of them. So in the beginning of January I finally got around to watching both of them, and I was pleasantly surprised by both of them, and enjoyed both of them a lot. The animes I am referring to are “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and “Zombieland Saga”.


I am always hesitant when it comes to getting into an Isekai anime, due to the overabundance of them, and the fact that many of them follow the exact same premise with little differences. However after watching Gigguk’s video about this anime, I decided to give it a watch. And I am glad that I did, because this has been one of the most indepth and interesting Isekai anime that I have watched. The anime uses the usual tropes found in Isekai anime to its advantage. The “other world” is based on a fantasy RPG and fully commits such a world, giving some interesting world building and powers to the main character Rinmaru. The RPG elements that come in the form of skills, powers, and even leveling up/evolving is talked about in-depth and is not something that is just there for plot convenience. Rinmaru himself is actually a well-rounded character, and has a lot of personality. Side note, I also love how well the animators did his more over the top expressions. He is still extremely powerful, like most Isekai protagonists, but he would rather talk things out peacefully before resorting to violence. Also the supporting cast is also amazing, they have enough room for the characters to be funny one moment, to serious the next without it seeming so sudden, at least for me. Finally, what sold me on watching the anime to completion was the world building. Most of the time the “other world” is really just in the background, and is more a backdrop for certaion thing happening, there is little world building. However, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” takes its time to slowly introduce more and more about the world, and takes time explaining certain aspects, like naming monsters, the Demon Lords, and just the different species of monsters in general. Overall, I am really loving this anime, and I honestly want a season two once they have a chance to make one.


I’m going to be honest for a second, idol animes are usually a guilty pleasure for me. I don’t watch them because they’re good or that they’re life changing, but just because they are just good fluff to watch every now and again, especially when I have been watching a lot of action or mystery anime. So I was shocked with what “Zombieland Saga” did with the genre. Basically, the anime poked fun of, laughed at, and even comically criticized some of the aspects of Idol Culture as a whole. The anime did not hold anything back when it put into focus something in Idol Culture, whether it was in the past or present, that’s completely ridiculous. The other thing that initially had me intrigued when I first read about it was the weird premise, that being that all the idols in the group are zombies, yep, zombies. Honestly some of the situations the girls get themselves  in due to them trying to hid the fact they are zombies are the funniest scenes in the anime. The anime fully embraces its weird premise and can get ridiculous at times, but that is this anime’s charm. The main group, their manager, who I swear is on something sometimes, and even some of the supporting cast are pretty hilarious on their own as well. However, while it can be over the top hilarious, there are some scenes in the show that are more heartfelt, usually dealing with the circumstances with how each of the died, and like the anime above, it does this well without suffering from tonal whiplash. This anime is really great for those that love idol animes and want one with an extremely unique and funny one, and for those that aren’t really into the genre, because the anime is willing to poke fun at Idol Culture and has some heartfelt scenes between all the comedy.


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