What Is and “Isn’t” Anime?

This video pretty much sums up my views on the whole “anime or no” discussion that has been going on in the community for years. In the past, anime was more defined do to the fact that there were only a few outlets to view these shows, like Toonami. These animated shows were all from Japan, so the definition back then was that anime was animation that came from Japan. However, nowadays there are far more ways, whether they are legitimate or not, that we can see all these shows and more. Some of these shows, like Gigguk says, are well made, but come from China, Thailand, or even America. So I personally believe that this definition doesn’t really work anymore.

Anime, in my opinion, is something whose definition will constantly change depending on the time. What we view as anime now may change in a few decades from now, since more and more countries are getting into the anime business. As I stated in my first post on this blog, anime has greatly impacted the western world. While I used Shelter in that post, another example could be Miraculous Ladybug, an animated show made in France that is influenced by the magical girl genre in anime, so is it anime? These sorts of shows are starting to pop up more around the world, shows that have been greatly influenced by anime, but if we are using the old definition of anime, then these shows are not anime.

Personally speaking I don’t really believe that there will be a definitive definition for anime, given to how much it has grown in recent years, and there is definitely no universal definition every single anime fan can agree on.

These are just my thoughts on the whole discussion, but I would like to hear all of yours as well. What is your definition of anime if you have one?

(P.S Hopefully I should get my Kaguya-Sama review up sometime during the weekend.)


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