Help KyoAni Heal

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I was originally going to post my review for Dororo today, but in light of recent events I thought I might use this blog to help spread the news about what recently happened to Kyoto Animation.

For those unaware, one of KyoAni’s studios was attacked by an arsonist early this morning. At the time 70 employees were inside the studio, and as of right now there have been 33 confirmed casualties and 36 injured. This attack is one of the worst mass killings in Japan. Luckily the police were able to apprehend the arsonist, who was also injured in the fire. Although, due to these injuries, the police have been unable to question him about his motive, however some witness heard him shouting things like “You ripped me off” or “You copied me”.

Regardless of his reason, it does not change the fact that 33 innocent people are dead due to his actions.

I have always been a fan of KyoAni’s works since I started watching anime, from the more emotionally driven stories to the more slice of life stories, I loved all of it. Which is why I am using my blog to spread the gofundme to help KyoAni.

Sentai Filmworks, a licensing company, started a gofundme calledĀ Help KyoAni Heal. At this time, the fundraiser has met it’s goal, still I believe that every donation, no matter how small would be a major help to the victims and their families.

I am proud to see the anime community coming together and helping the victims and showing their love and support to the studio, so I figured it was high time I try and do my part as well.

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