First Impressions: Vinland Saga

I should probably start by saying this, if you can’t really stand gore, then you shouldn’t watch this show. Now there’s not gore every episode, mostly just in the fight scenes, but they don’t shy away from the fact that vikings were brutal at times. So if your squeamish, this show might not be for you.

Image result for vinland saga anime poster

Now this is definitely a slow burn anime that people will have to take their time with. That doesn’t mean the pacing is snail pace slow, in my opinion the pacing of what I have watched so far is perfect for the series. What I mean by slow burn is that it takes a few episodes before the main plot described in the synopsis for the series really takes hold. But in return it gives the audience time to get invested in characters and their stories before things take a dark turn. After that it’s a slow burn story of revenge with an interesting twist to it, at least in my opinion.

What drew me to the show at first was the overall setting of the story. Vikings interest me, their code of honor, how they acted, fought, etc.. So I was immediately on board with this anime once I heard that the main premise of the story was revolved around vikings. And from what I know, they do a good job at portraying  the vikings. As stated above, the anime doesn’t hold back with how brutal they could be during fight scenes, they also show that vikings do have a sort of code they live by and of course shows that some vikings were more honorable than others. Also while the story is not historical, the setting around it totally is. Sometimes historical anime have fantasy elements or exaggerated elements to make them more interesting. But, with Vinland Saga, everything going on around the main characters fits into actual history, the Danes invasion of England for example. Even some of the characters are actual people from Nordic history, or folklore.

I’ll go over the story more with my full review of the series, but overall I think anyone who wants to enjoy a rather grounded historical fiction series with excellent character drama, and an amazing setting, should watch this show.

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