Dororo Review

  This anime wasn't on my initial list when I was looking through LiveChart, however after I learned that the source material was over 50 years old and was made by the "Father of Manga" Osamu Tezuka, I decided to give it a watch. And I am glad that I did. For those who don't … Continue reading Dororo Review


Help KyoAni Heal

  I was originally going to post my review for Dororo today, but in light of recent events I thought I might use this blog to help spread the news about what recently happened to Kyoto Animation. For those unaware, one of KyoAni's studios was attacked by an arsonist early this morning. At the time … Continue reading Help KyoAni Heal

The Promised Neverland Review: How to Use Suspense

*WARNING: I would highly recommend watching at least the first episode of this series before reading this review as I will be discussing major spoilers from that episode.     I've always been a fan of thrillers, simply because a lot of them know how to use suspense right, leading up to something frighting, shocking, … Continue reading The Promised Neverland Review: How to Use Suspense