Cells at Work Review

While I have talked about Cells at Work quite a bit in the past few weeks, now that the series is done, I decided to do a full review of the anime. Cells at Work is a creative and unique anime that deals with personification of human cells and their "daily routine" in the body. … Continue reading Cells at Work Review

Houseki no Kuni: Hope for CG anime

For the longest time, anime has always been in 2D animation, which does make sense considering most animation studios are basing their animation off of manga images. However, with the advancement of technology, some studios have tried adding more CG animation in with 2D animation, or have tried making an anime entirely CG. This has … Continue reading Houseki no Kuni: Hope for CG anime

Cells At Work: The First Cancer “Arc”

Cells at Work has become one of my favorite animes of this year. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but also rather biologically accurate in both its depictions of germs and bacteria, and how our cells react to them. So when I heard that the show was going to have episodes that dealt with cancer … Continue reading Cells At Work: The First Cancer “Arc”